Friday, December 10, 2010

Just keeps coming...

"Ethan, why were you fighting?"
"It's just in my heart mom."
Oh brother. He's full of it, I tell you. Both boys went to the doctor this morning. All was well until the shots. What a heart-breaker. The tears. The limping. The fierce anger.
Lucas is a giant, Ethan is pretty darn average. Ethan's tubes have fallen out and lo and behold he's on the cusp of an ear infection. Of course.
Tonight we hung out downtown, ate pizza, bought cookies at the bakery, and drove all over town to look at Christmas lights. A nice end to the week, except then their legs were all stiff and sore. Poor boys! I suppose one gets sympathy for 4 shots at once.
This weekend is Christmas fun all around!

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