Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Lights of Christmas!!!

I have no words for this picture.

So I'll start here. We headed up north for a very special Christmas weekend, making a stop on the way at an awesome children's museum. There was just about everything there. We all had fun running around. I think Lucas most of all. He just happily ran from one room to the next - driving the bus, milking the cow, driving the ferry, all of it!
The rooftop garden would have been very cool had it not been 40 degrees and rainy.
We had fun. Then we met up with our friend to head out to the magic Christmas place - filled with lights!!! It was beautiful. There were amazing lights everywhere.
It was rainy, so very rainy. And cold and windy. But we did not let it stop us. We trudged through the puddles, ate donuts, made toys....
And even saw the big guy himself. Ethan made his apologies for being naughty at school and Lucas just held me tight and whispered his with list to Santa.
My camera was dying, so I really didn't get many good pictures. This one captures the mood by the end of the train ride, quite well.
By then they were begging to go back to our "hotel room" to go to bed. Did they go to sleep? Not for hours. They did end up watching part of a movie, but then they got their second wind (or sugar high from the kettlecorn?) and were jumping around screaming, so off to bed we went.
Lucas ended up in bed with us, kicking and sweating all over us, but all in all, it was great! We had a fabulous breakfast and headed back to the real world. We are all tired. So tired. But we had such a great time. A new tradition is born.
Only next time I order no rain. Or at least rain boots.

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