Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Second Half (Minus the Plane Trip)

Yep, Santa came. And he spoiled the boys rotten. Though I'm not sure who played the RC bumper cars more, the kids or adults. The boys woke up and were all so excited to run down and see what was there. They were in awe of the cookies gone and the note Santa left them. They loved digging through their stockings and loved unwrapping their gifts.
Cole gave us all the very best gift - he took his very first steps (4 of them!) Christmas morning. So exciting and special to be a part of! He was definitely in the Christmas spirit, climbing all over everyone to see each and every gift.
The boys loved all their gifts, but the ones most played with were Ethan's new NitroJR. laptop, and Lucas' Thomas and track. He had Thomas going all over the house, moving everything out of his way.
We got the boys a bunch of games like we all used to play - Twister, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect 4, and Operation. Brian and Angie are the Operation masters. Not so much me...
We had a blast on our time together. The above picture shows why we so love eating here - all cheese for the 4 cheese pasta. Yum. So many great meals and desserts! I am signing up for a new gym tomorrow.
We also celebrated Brian's 30th birthday~ old fella'! The boys picked out dollar store gifts - Ethan got him supplies to draw with him and Lucas got him toothpaste, handwarmers, and silly string. The silly string was a big hit.
It was so sad to say goodbye to Angie, Nick, and Cole! Lucas is now blaming every naughty thing he does on Cole "Baby Cole did it." Ethan woke up early this morning and rushed up to say goodbye again to Cole, but he'd already left and he's been sad about it ever since. It was so great to have such a long (though it felt short) visit with them!
To get past the sadness of them leaving, we headed out to Garden of the Gods. Huge rocks with amazing scenic views. The boys loved walking on all the paths, and climbing all over the rocks. Ethan got stuck once, but had fun doing it!
It was a perfect day to be outside - we needed some sunshine!
And now tomorrow we head back - not without tears, as we'll miss Grammy and Grandpa, but with excitement too as we move into our new house this weekend! So much to do, so little time! What a great vacation! We'll treasure the memories!

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