Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lotsa Fun...

You know you had a good weekend when Sunday night ends in tears of exhaustion... "I am NOT going to bed. I am staying RIGHT HERE forever. You can't make me!" Sorry kiddo - I still can....
I found this picture from our playdate last Sunday with Alex and Kenzie... Funny. Poor Kenzie was getting an eyeful!

They really enjoyed finding the space behind the couch. Lucas was sooo proud to be back there!
The week was crazy - as most weeks this time of year are. I don't know what it is, but when it's dark by the time you get home, there just seems to be no time for anything! We ended our week by meeting our friend Nadia (and mom) at McDs. Fun for the kids, fun for us. Ethan played so hard we had to take baths when we got back - he was a sweaty, nasty mess!
The next morning we got a package from Grammy and Grandpa! New hats made by Grammy - so cute!
The boys were thrilled and spent a good 10 minutes in front of the mirror posing... After that I took Ethan to go try out a gymnastics class. It turned out to be the same place I went to back in the day when I did a little gymnastics. I was never any good - stayed firmly in the beginners class my whole career, but I liked it. I did break my foot there though and almost lost it when Ethan hurt his leg (not badly) on the trampoline. It all came back to me!
He seemed to have fun.
It was a lot of little circuits with a lot of independent time- not sure I liked that - but he really loved swinging. I think he was supposed to climb the rope, but as no one was correcting him, go for it kiddo.
We figure we'll let him do it for a month or so and then re-evaluate. He did enjoy it and it definitely wore him out! Next up was getting the house ready to show off to Nana and my parents - and to you blog friends! Here is the dining room and the kitchen....
And then showing how the dining room connects to the family room...
And the family room's connected to the... office/mudroom/laundry room....
That's all you get to see for now... I didn't think to take pictures of the bedrooms.... We had a fabulous happy hour and then it was off to Bainbridge for Ethan and me. We went to a planetarium showing for the program I teach. We saw a lot of my kids and a cool presentation on UFOs and such. It really was interesting, though holding a squirmy 4 year old in my lap the whole time was difficult. Ethan was especially impressed by the "astronaut pee" that was mistaken for a UFO. That led to a whole discussion about astronaut toilets and such... He talked about it the whole way back to my parents, where we spent the night. He also went through the show, trying to make sense of all the man had said. "Some planets need spaceships and some don't. And there's the puppy planet. It's big. And the aliens will give you an apple." I could connect it all to different parts of the presentation - it was funny to hear his recap. We snuggled in with Uma and Upa and had a relaxing night/morning before we ran off to pick up Brian and Lucas for church.
This afternoon we put on some boy band hits from the 90s on Pandora and rocked out while we played games on the wii. We hadn't done that in a while and it was amazing how much more coordinated Ethan is. I have to work to beat him now, and often don't. One exciting suprise was when he was reading his score to us - 95, 98, 99, 88. Who knew he could read those numbers? Crazy!
We had our friend come over for dinner and Ethan loooved showing them how to play his video games.
Lucas loved following Jillian around. They hunted for Kiki for a lot of the night - had a blast.
So it was a busy weekend - busy but fun! I'm glad it's a non-student day tomorrow. I could use the time to catch up and will enjoy the quiet. There's always plenty to get done, I'm excited to possibly feel caught up for once! And now I'm off to put my feet up. Because I can.

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