Monday, January 31, 2011


The evening started out horribly. I picked up Ethan only to hear that he had given his teacher some major attitude about picking up a mess that wasn't his.
"Does this mean no Dino Dan?"
That's when he darted under the sensory table and sobbed huge crocodile tears. Once I finally dragged him out, the tears just kept coming. He was tired and grumpy. I know the feeling. Apparently he hadn't napped and had oh so needed it.
I thought the evening was a goner. I chalked it up to misery and mentally planned the guilt trip I'd give him when he turned 18.
But then we got home.
I bought Scrabble Cheezits and started a game where if he read the word I made, he could eat them. He did fabulously. He ate a lot of 3 letter words - even a few 4 letter. Then I asked if they'd like a bath - and they jumped right in.
That's when I knew the night had turned.

Chaos - Fun - and finally, Exhaustion
You boys are too much.


Anonymous said...

I love the new family photo on your blog! Your new place looks great! Hope to see it in person soon!

Katie said...

Love these picts and the new look of the blog!!! So cute!!