Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Brother...

"Ethan, that was quite the hug you gave your girlfriend today."
"Yep, long and hard... I love to kiss her."
"NO. You don't need to be kissing girls yet."
"So when mom, when I live with them?"
"No, when you marry them. Or maybe when you're sixteen."
"I'm going to marry that girl."
"Are you? She is definitely cute."
"And nice mom. She's really nice."
(Lucas) "Asassly! Asassly is cute!"
Ethan told me about a birthday party for one of the teachers tomorrow...
"Mom, it's Miss Cindy's birthday. She's turning a really big number! Like one more than you! Really old mom! Like one more than a hundred!"
Then later... "I remember - Miss Cindy is turning 21!"
If she's 21, I'm 10. I'm just saying.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! I read it to Bill and we both had a good laugh! You have to save all this! Priceless treasure! Your boys are precious!