Monday, January 17, 2011

The ups and downs and all arounds...

"Mommy, our car is all growed up. That's why it's bigger than all these other cars..."
Friday afternoon Ethan had a program at daycare! Uma and Brian got to go and watch - very cute! Ethan was, as always, extremely animated and quite the show-stopper. I don't know where he gets his dramatic flair from... not at all... That boy does love being on stage!

Afterwards, I met them to celebrate at the foffee shop and then we headed to pick out some Christmas presents from our Nana at Barne's and Noble. Lucas picked out his books quickly and then sat patiently at the stage- waiting ever so desperately to sit on the actual stage chairs...
Unfortunately, the kids there were not giving up their prime real estate, and we eventually gave up, but in the meantime, Lucas was really into his books. Ethan was running around everywhere changing his mind every 20 seconds about what he wanted to pick out. Don't know where he got that habit either.
We headed to dinner and Ethan started really complaining about his ear hurting. He'd mentioned it before, but now it was at the point where the boy could do nothing but whine and fuss... He was a mess. And so, we headed to the Urgent Care. We decided to get Lucas checked too, as he'd been complaining the day before.
Ethan was horribly infected - that's 2 since his tubes fell out... And Lucas has fluid, so he'll probably be soon. The doctor was really great with them, but got them so wound up that bedtime was a bit of a mess.
The next morning all were feeling better, so I zumba-ed, we got our furniture delivery (yay!), and off to IKEA we went. There were a few more things we wanted that only that store could provide....
Lucas really loved this cart. Problem was that if there was anything on it at all it was too heavy. So he was pushing around an empty cart through the crowds of people. People loved us. When we finally got to the last thing we were picking up, we came into a bit of a problem that one might have thought we'd have thought of already - how do you fit 7 ft shelved into the car? I thought of a solution, though the end result was painful - the boxes (about 160 lbs) had to rest on my knee so as to not push the gearshift into neutral.
We were excited because we thought this would keep the very tired and cranky boys from bickering each other. Nope, not the case. They discovered that they could poke each other under the boxes.
We made it home and started assembling... I wish I had pictures of the "after" to show, but you'll have to wait. We've been busy and are still putting the finishing (well, more like middle) touches on. I will say, however, that it is 100% awesome-r in here. Very cozy and warm. So I'd predict very soon I'll have those pictures. Maybe tonight, though I'm not so sure. My to-do list for this day off just keeps growing. The more I do, the more I remember needs to be done. At some point I'll get ahead, right?
I will say that we've done a lot to get ourselves back into order. We're eating healthy, I'm exercising, and we're keeping up with the housework. I think we're finally out of vacation mode and back to reality. A good thing. And now back to my list. This is one thing I get to check off - yay!
Below is the video of the program - it's only a few minutes long. Ethan's in the middle, second row, behind the girl that refuses to melt. If you're reading this in email or facebook, you'll have to go to the actual blog page for it to work -

I love this boy!

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lois sprague said...

That boy is adorable! It reminds me of the program we got to see last spring! Can't wait to see Lucas perform. Do you think he will? Can't wait to see the finished photos of the house. Glad you guys are settling in. Miss you all!
Love, Mom S.