Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Game

"So that looked like fun... you tied Upa up?"
"Yep. It was hard work. We tied his hands, then his feet. Haaaaard work mom."
Oh did they love that game! My parents had the boys last night so that I could go to a meeting. They had far mre fun than they have here at home. As evidenced by the fact that Lucas did NOT want to come home today - wanted to go to Upa HOUSE!. Sorry kiddo... Actually, he was crying since the minute I picked him up. His teacher had gotten out the snacks, but wasn't serving them yet, so he didn't get any. He threw a class act tantrum, so of course I couldn't ask for any then. Then we had to go get Ethan - still screaming.... Sometimes it's embarassing to be a good mom.
I really think he's just overly emotional as all his teachers are moving to another center. Lucas is just so emotionally sensitive - this is hard for him. Hard for me too, to tell the truth.
Actually, though, it's been a great week so far - not that I've gotten much done around here, but I've had fun at school and the boys have been charming in the mornings... Of course now that I've put that into print, I'm sure tomorrow will be a nightmare. I should stop while I'm ahead! I'm going to go back to snuggling the boys while they watch yet another episode of Dino Dan. And maybe another...

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