Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy, Busy Week

This week was insane. I had stuff going on pretty much every day of the week. Add to that the state tests and I was a bit of a stress case. I could not look forward more to the weekend! Finally Friday came and with it a super suprise for the boys! Their children's pastor and family came over for a quick "Unbirthday" party for the boys. They could not have felt more special. What a neat thing to do! I may just steal it!
Saturday morning was kind of hectic. Brian took Ethan to gymnastics and Lucas and I went down to the community garden for a work party - weeding out noxious plants. Lucas loved being in the dirt and entertained everyone. He really loved hanging out with one of my students that was there. After the boys went down for a nap, my parents came over and helped us do a whole bunch of yardwork - ick. At least it was sunny?!
That evening we headed out to Nadia's house for a playdate. Yummy dinner, fun conversation, lots of laughs, and dessert at DQ. What could be better?
Nadia ate hers like a pro, Ethan got his all over his face, and Lucas took forever eating it with a spoon.

Today we knew something was off with Lucas. He was so quiet and mellow - this never happens! But there was no evidence of sickness, so we kept getting ready for church. Poor guy showed us in a bit that he had some sort of a tummy bug. Ethan and I went to church and Brian and Lucas cleaned up the bathroom. Poor kiddo. He seemed to feel better after his nap, but is still not right. So, I get to stay home with him tomorrow and hopefully get him healthy fast! I hate it when the boys are sick! Though I do love the extra snuggles if I'm going to be honest...

And now that finishes my incredibly boring post. If you stuck with my this long, I'm proud of you ;) I'm off to get some rest!

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