Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Boys are Professionals

This week embodied the craziness that is the last month of the school year. But Wednesday was like it's own little island.... The boys and I went to all sorts of "pee-tend" places. I was the guinea pig and they were in charge.

First: "This is the hair cutting place.

Next: "This is the nurse place. Here's some lotion to make you not itch. (and forty million bandaids)

Finally: "This is the pretend body place. Where you go to pretend to be healthy."

"You're not lookin' so good. You have some big bones."

The piece de resistance: "You're at the dentist. Open up, we need to check your back teeth." (With the cleaning gloves...)

There was also a trip to the beach.

A change of plans to go camping instead....
And a riveting game of hide and seek....

I wish I could record their whole conversations. They take their imagination VERY seriously. I just love how they are totally in it together. In other news... Lucas is obsessed with cutting. And the game of putting all the scraps into the trash. Cracks me up. He is also doing really well with the potty at school. Not so much at home. There it's a no-go. The funny thing is that's exactly how Ethan did it too, and then one day, he just transferred it to home. Here's hoping!

Ethan got a butterfly garden for his birthday from Grammy. We waited to order the larvae until things calmed down after birthday, mother's day, etc.... Well they finally arrived! We do a lot of staring. I got a little nervous this morning because they weren't moving, but it seems they like to sleep in.

So now if you would like to eat at our house, you will have to be willing to eat with a 2L worm farm and a caterpillar cup. You've been warned. They really are cute - nothing like the invasion of monstrous caterpillars that was our wedding weekend. Those were huge and everywhere - including up in my wedding dress - ick! Speaking of that day - our 8th anniversary was on Tuesday. We are celebrating tonight, but Brian was still very romantic with some small treats this week. I'm a pretty lucky girl - and I know it!

Who knows what this weekend will bring! First step is haircuts all around. We're a shaggy bunch! Lucas looked just like pigpen going to daycare yesterday - hair going crazy, dirt smudged tears after a little tantrum, dragging a dingy old towel he insisted was his blankie.... Yep, we leave an impression around here!

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