Saturday, May 7, 2011

This and That

What a crazy week! Monday I was home with the boys and we had a blast - for the morning anyway... By evening we were all stir crazy! But during the morning Ethan decided to take on reading! He read all sorts of sentences once I put the words on plates. We even made a story. "I see a lion at the zoo. I run and I yell. The hippo hops on the zebra." Loved it.

Tuesday was the start of Ethan's t-ball class. He loved it.

"It's so great. The teachers tell me exactly what to do and I can do it!" I hope he remembers that when he starts school next year!

Lucas spent the whole time growling at me and calling me a "dragon that spits fire!"

The rest of the week was a blur... Testing, prepping, all of that... I was so ready for the weekend! And a fabulous weekend it has been! The boys woke me up bright and early to go to breakfast at The Family Pancake House! Yum yum yum

Then it was shopping, gymnastics and naps before our friend Nadia got dropped off for the boys' first ever sleepover! (Her parents are at prom tonight - chaperoning of course.) After running all through the house for awhile and setting up all their beds in Ethan's room, we headed off to our friend Alex's birthday party. It was a Dora soccer adventure. There was "the map"...

The backpacks... A journey through Bubble Forest...

A trip through Rainbow Tunnel...

And then bringing color to Dora's house!

Oh my word they had fun! The food was delicious!

The kids loved playing with the new presents.... The boys really liked the pony!

And now the kids are curled up on the couch watching Yogi Bear. I can only imagine how bed time will go - but it'll be funny I'm sure!

Luckily they are all very competitive and were discussing who would get to go to sleep first in the car.... this could be good for us! Oh those eyes are heavy!

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