Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Non-Sleep-Over

I guess we should have realized that the three of them sleeping in the same room would be a bad idea. But they were so excited! And they looked so cute! And they were so tired we were sure they'd fall right asleep!

"Lucas is out of his beeeeed!"

"Ethan's kicking the wall~"

"Nadia bit my nose!"
Not so much, they didn't fall asleep until about 10. Whoops. But they sure were funny tattling on each other! While we were listening, we noticed that Lucas and Nadia had decorated Duke with stickers. He really is a good sport.

The next morning they were up and at 'em at 5:30. But luckily Sonia had packed us an amazing breakfast and we ate until we were too full to move! It was DELICIOUS!

We were still too early for church and needing to get out of the house, so we headed to get some coffee. The kids ate the cookies Nadia had brought and drank hot chocolate. In hindsight I realize that was a lot of sugar....

But they really enjoyed it!

Somehow they got the idea to play charades. They pretended to be different animals and had us guess what they were. It was hilarious. Lucas just told us the answers. No guessing needed for him.

Church, McD's, and a lot more giggles and Nadia's parents came and stole her away. We had so much fun! Next we headed over to my parents house where my dad proved he knows us mothers pretty darn well! - Flowers and Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels. Perfect.

The boys had little gifts for Uma and Nana and we all listened to Ethan and Lucas' songs on the piano. I was thinking I could use some earmuffs about then.

Luckily the sun came out and we got to spend some time outside! Lucas "helped" Upa garden. I think he followed him around the entire time he was out there, undoing all the projects Upa was working on...

We played a lot of baseball - with and without the helmet....

We played with the dogs and just ran all over the place. Ethan would hit the ball and then "run the bases" - only the bases were all going the wrong direction, all over the place. So he's getting the idea, but hopefully will get a bit better.

We had a fabulous dinner and an awesome dessert and all was right with the world! It's been a crazy week since then! Last night was Garden Night for my school program and Brian brought the boys after t-ball (he had gotten off early). They planted all sorts of things and even made a worm farm in some 2 Liter bottles. I can smell them from here.... They made stepping stones that I think we'll put in our garden down at the park and got all sorts of plants to take home. Tonight was a play for our sister school in the program across town. The boys were very well behaved and enjoyed it. Only problem was they wanted to sing along and not knowing the words were just humming very loudly... And tomorrow I've got another meeting after school so Uma is picking up the boys. This time of year is always nuts. So many places I need to be. Right now where I need to be is in front of the tv, zoning out. So off I go - not to change the world, but just to recharge...5 and a half more weeks till summer! - Crazy.

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