Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy 4th Lucas!

Dear Lucas,
      Your 4th birthday was my favorite one yet.  You knew what you wanted to do, and you could not be persuaded otherwise.  But of course, that's who you are and who you've always been.  You will not compromise when you are passionate about something - and having a baseball party was so very important to you.  And you did NOT want to watch baseball - you wanted to play it!  And that is something I love and admire about you.  You have never been happy to sit and watch - whether it be sports or TV.  You'd rather be doing, conquering, going....  You are my mover and my shaker...
     All your family members pooled to get you the outfit you wanted - each piece specifically picked out for you.  And you were so excited to open each part.

When the outfit was complete you just couldn't get over it - and neither could I.  You were the cutest baseball player I have EVER seen.
We went to the park where you love to play - rented the field that you've dreamed about playing on - and even got you a baseball cake.  You were in absolute awe!
Uma and Upa met us there (to join us and Angie and Nick), and gave you some big boy clothes to start us off.  Because you are now a big boy.  I can't believe it.
Once you got out on that field, you were in heaven.  You absolutely loved playing - though you quickly ditched the tee for real pitches.
You had so much fun with your friends - laughing and cheering - and most of all, bossing everyone around.  You even told people that "It's my birthday and my mama said I can do what I want."  Which was not true by the way.....
It was so much fun to have your cousins there - and Cole loved running the bases too.
You're pretty lucky to have such great friends.  Everyone was just glad to be there to celebrate you and have some fun!
You declared yourself coach and spent just as much time "manning the field" as playing - and you loved it.  I could not believe it when you gave your precious whistle out to your friends to wear.

I don't know if I've ever seen such pure joy in you - and I will treasure that memory in my heart always.  You are my little baseball man - the little boy who takes it all so seriously.
We had a whole lot of issues getting the food on the table because of a crazy wind tunnel- -but Uma, Upa, and Sonia worked some magic and you got your baseball meal of hot dogs, nachos, and caramel corn.  The plates flew all over, but you all managed to eat.
The wind also caused issue with the candle-lighting,
but Upa persevered and you got to blow out the match at least!  I don't know for sure what your wish was, but I'd bet my life savings that it was to repeat this same party again next year!
Your silly mama forgot to bring forks, so we all laughed some more as we shared "family forks" and invented a new use for tortilla chips.  I loved watching your face as you opened your presents - pure gratitude that your friends had thought of you.  You are one special kid!
On your actual birthday (a few days later), I let you pick anywhere you wanted to go for dinner - assuming I'd be stuck at McD's....
But no!  You wanted "Barnes and Novle" - which sounds pretty silly till you see their desserts.
Ethan and I sang to you in front of strangers and you gobbled that up, and then marched over to the kids' section to spend your birthday money on books.  Because you are such your own little person Lucas.  A little person that I love so much.  You bring joy to your family and to everyone else you meet as well.  I pray you never lose that uniqueness - and always realize that it makes you special.  Even when you drive me crazy - you can always make me laugh.
I love you little man.  Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom

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