Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekends are for playing.

 I'm determined this year to use my weekends for my family.  Of course, there will be times that I'll be working on school stuff - it's unavoidable, but I am determined to streamline so that I can just enjoy some family time without stressing.  Last Saturday, we probably took this a little too far - but we sure had fun.  After Ethan's game, and after some good naps, we headed down the street to a neighborhood block party that was pretty darn cool!  It was hot, and no one wanted to dance with me, but other than that, it was fabulous.  I love this picture of Lucas on the fire truck - shows how beautiful this place we live is!
 Ethan did not want a fire hat, but the firemen convinced him - and then he wouldn't take it off.  He wanted to get his face painted and there was a sign for face painting.  I gave him the money and he saddled up.  Turns out it was a girl, probably his age, raising money for a new, more inclusive playground in the area.  He asked her to draw a fireman.  She did her best - and then I had to laugh as he whispered to me, "It does look like a fireman, right?"  Well, kind of.  But what a cool thing to support!
 Local churches fed us hamburgers and rootbeer floats and we enjoyed some very interesting music.  The boys got to sit in an old model car- that was an absolute thrill!
 And then we found this spot in the sidewalk where if you talk, it sounds like it is being amplified - though it is not.  Thankfully because these boys really liked yelling and shrieking over it...
And then there was the D-derby.  It was our friend Logan's birthday, so we brought cupcakes to celebrate and just had fun out in the sun (until it got dark).  There were 6 roll-overs - fabulous entertainment.  We sat in a different area than before and despite all the extra dust, it was an awesome view!
 It's always hard to come down after a weekend, but we were super excited for Lucas' first day of Pre-K.  It's at his normal school, so that's no different, but we were all excited for him to be officially in the "blue room".
And it went great.  He loves getting to learn - he is a school-aholic.  I love it!

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