Monday, September 24, 2012

Soccer and Whidbey Kite Fest!

I don't have a lot of energy for many words.  Lucky you!
We had soccer game #3.
 Lucas loves home games because Uma and Upa come.
Brian likes them because he doesn't have to stand by me.  Apparently I'm a bit loud.
 Ethan's team won 7-6.
Ethan had 4 of those goals.  
He is far more athletic than Brian or I.
All those lessons and such are paying off.
 Off on the ferry we went to Whidbey Island.
 Lucas is an odd duck.
 We met Angie, Cole, and Cooper at the kite festival.
 The boys made their own kites - with the help of the kite fanatics.
 Cooper was freaked out by the kites at first, 
but quickly warmed up and liked watching the boys run back and forth.
 And Ethan fell in love with kite-flying.

 They ran and ran and ran and ran.
By the end of it, Ethan smelled so bad we had to roll down the windows.
 Cole couldn't quite get the hang of it.
He wanted to watch the kite - and then it would crash.
And then he'd get upset.
And then he'd start over.

They postponed a lot of the competitions because of the lack of wind.  We enjoyed the bits we saw though, and the boys loved running around in the sun.  On our way out of town the next day, we did get to see some routines with the sports kites and they were pretty impressive!  A pretty awesome (free) afternoon!
Except for the smell.  Soccer Game + Running for Hours in the Sun = One smelly boy!

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