Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last Weekend of Summer Part 1

This picture is horrible - but it commemorates Ethan turning in his final Summer Reading Sheet for a grand total of 30 hours.  He's already started planning out how he's going to make 100 hours next year. Awesome!
 Friday night we headed out to my parents' house to watch some BSU football.  I hate football, but I do like decorating for a theme - and so the boys and the car got all dolled up.  Only Lucas took the "dolled up" a little too literally.  The picture cracks me up!  It was fun to suprise Brian with our enthusiasm for all things Blue and Orange.
 Ethan particularly loved the painted hair and the boys had a fabulous time playing football with Uma outside.
 Sunday was a day for me to work in my classroom as the boys headed out to PAX (video game convention) in Seattle.  Brian worked at his game's booth on Friday and then took the boys with him to explore on Sunday.  This was Ethan's 3rd time going and Lucas' 1st.  They were excited.  To say the least.
 Brian kept me updated by sending me cute pictures every now and then - I loved it.  We were a little nervous that Lucas would be a bit obnoxious as he'd had kind of a rough week (post birthday crash)...
 But he was awesome.  Brian said he just kept repeating, "Thank you Daddy.  Thank you so much for bringing me this time!"

 I think Lucas' favorite part was all the people in costume.  He wanted a picture with all of them.
 I'd tell you who they are, but I have no clue.

 The boys were very proud of their Daddy - got to see his game's booth and felt very important.

 I think their very favorite person to meet was Batman.  How exciting is that?!
 The Pokemon posters were also high on the list though - that was very exciting too.
 They ate at the same place that Ethan and Brian ate at his first PAX.  Traditions?  I think I'm starting to rub off on Brian!  I love me some sentimentality!
The boys had a blast and came back exhausted and covered with "I love video game" buttons - which Ethan tried to sneak onto me.  All 3 boys were talking a mile a minute about their day and all their fun.  Happy happy boys.

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