Sunday, September 16, 2012

Starting with a Bang

We were all set to leave to pick up Brian and head to the football game...  And then I hear a loud cracking thud.  And then a scream.  A piercing Scream.  I grabbed him and turned him, and there was blood everywhere.  My baby.  He'd cracked his head on the corner of a wall and there was a nice chunk out of his head.  It was awful.  We headed out to Urgent Care (it had stopped bleeding and he'd stayed conscious) and they fixed him up in record time.  They glued up the gash and then held it there with steri-strips.    He was so scared and so upset.  Ugh.
 We got to the game just in time for half-time.  It was our school's night at the game and though it was mostly staff, there were a few of Ethan's friends to get silly with.
 During half-time, we all got to go out on the field to make the tunnel that the football players run through.  It was awesome!
 We had a decent turnout and definitely had a blast!
 Lucas was the life of the party when we got there, but as it got later, he just got quiet and cuddly.  It was way past his bedtime and he'd had quite the evening.  He sure was cute though!
 Yesterday was game 2 for the Puma Cubs.  We'd gotten a call the day before that our coach (who is National Guard) had been called out to go help fight fires.  So Brian got to help with the coaching.
 Luckily, one of the other dads showed just in time who actually has coaching and soccer experience.  So Brian was let off the hook a bit.  And it was an awesome game.  The boys were much more in control this time - though there was a lot of taking the ball from team-mates.  Ethan played harder than I've ever seen him.  He was sweating and panting, but he stayed right in it.
 We think he ended up with 6 goals.  What I was most proud of though, was that he really listened to the coaching.  You could see him strategizing and thinking ahead.
 Lucas was a trooper - and loved getting to be with Brian over on the coaches' side.
 The final score?  Us-14, Them-7.
 We celebrated with the boys' first frappucino cremes.  Delicious.  We didn't stay too long.  Ethan had a smell about him and Lucas was really really tired....
 One would think that the boys would just want to lounge the rest of the day away, but no.  They wanted to go to a park to play ball.  So we packed up the dogs and a soccerball, football, and tennis ball and headed out.  It was a perfect night out!

Lucas had a hard time - he was kind of cranky, but once we headed to the playground it was all good.
I have been trying to get out the guinea pigs and they have been throwing fits - squealing at me and running away to the one corner of the cage I can't reach.  Ethan goes in and has Tanny out in seconds.  And then I was able to get Sweetie out too.  The boys had apples and kept sneaking their guinea pigs friends bites as well.  Because, as Lucas puts it, Sharing is Caring.
I love looking back at pictures from the day and seeing all the fun we had.  In between the smiles there are always times of frustration, fits, and annoyance.  But the pictures capture all those happy moments and helps us to prioritize what's most important.  And that's the good.  And there's a whole lot of good.

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