Saturday, September 1, 2012

The "Tall Ships"

Last weekend, we got to take care of our favorite nephews while Angie and Nick had a fun night out in Seattle.  We started with a trip out to eat - where we were surprised at how well all the boys did - as we were way outranked, kids to adults....  
We survived the night with little ones and headed out to the waterfront the next morning - as there were some very cool pirate-like ships hanging out for tours!
They loved getting to pretend to steer - and loved the people in costume.
My favorite part?  When Ethan looked over downstairs and said, "Look!  They had different kinds of Cheetohs back then!"  That made me giggle - a lot.
The boys were thrilled to find treasure - though there was nothing inside....

I spent the whole time trying to get them not to use the word "pirate" as these were not really pirate ships, but just nineteenth century vessels...  But then we went down to the gift shop and lo and behold - there were eye patches... so I gave in....
Ahoy matey!

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