Saturday, September 8, 2012

The "First" Week

First Week of First Grade....
 He had a great day (week) and his only complaint was not enough homework.  He'll change his tune soon enough.  He's reconnected with old friends and made several new - loves his teacher, and giggles at the "teeny" kindergarteners.  We celebrated at our favorite hangout - Der Blokken - best mac and cheese around!
First Soccer Game - in which he scored his First Goal!
 I was sure the game would be a riot to watch - I've seen them practice - but they actually did really well!  They got 3 or 4 goals (plus one for the other team) and kept in the game.
 The only truly funny part of it was that they could not keep the ball in the game.  There was a lot of throw-ins and corner kicks.  A Lot,  The girls' game we watched afterwards did not seem to have the same problem.  And that made me laugh.

 Ethan (#14) was far more involved in the game than he had been in basketball - but that could be because there's only 3 of them out there at a time.  You really can't tune out....
 I was proud of him.  He kept at it - even when I could tell he was getting really tired.  That's a long time to run for those little legs!
 A fabulous opener for the Puma Cubs! 

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh!! He has grown so much this summer!! I love little guys in soccer gear, so cute