Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Shots!

Yesterday was Lucas' 2 month appointment. He weighs 13lbs, 5oz - 90th percentile and 75th percentile weight (identical to Ethan at the time). He checked out very healthy and had his first shots. He obviously did not enjoy those and was up many times during the night- not fun! He did do fine at daycare today, though he didn't eat much. We're just praying for a good night of sleep. I spent a while today chatting with Lucas' teacher - such a nice woman and great caregiver - and she said something I loved. She said that it seems like Lucas is finding his voice- so true! I like to think about how this tiny little guy with his gurgles and coos will soon be just as verbal as his brother- making us laugh all the time. My favorite new word of Ethan's is "careful". I let him have his milk with no lid (a big skill!) at dinner and always have told him to be careful, but now he's the one with the reminder. It really is a miracle the way they pick up language. Soon enough, I'll be getting calls from their teachers that they won't be quiet.
I'm starting to get better control of my class. They are a feisty bunch- but the talent there is awesome. I just have to get them to see how brilliant they are. I'm trying to do some community building to try and get them to like each other. It's a challenge, but they're coming. Of course, I'm having to drink a whole lot of coffee to keep up after the sleepless nights.
Brian and Ethan had a fun day today together. I think it was great for both of them. Things are about to get a little crazy with Brian going back to pizza this Friday. We're gearing up!

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