Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ethan is quickly becoming a potty master! We are so impressed. He's only had 4 accidents all weekend- pretty good for wearing big-boy underwear! Of course, nights are a different story, but as for days- what a guy!
Lucas was a charmer at church today- just smiling away at anyone who would look. It was fun to catch up with our friends, the Coates and Ethan and Peyton had a great time chasing each other through the church. Their little girl is adorable- so girly!
Brian doesn't go back to pizza until Friday, so he's got a week to do some chores around the house and look for better job opportunities. He's got a meeting with a Tech staffing agency tomorrow- we're praying that it's fruitful. We can survive on pizza- but we're not going to see each other much and it'll leave me alone with the boys on most of my time not working- not exactly relaxing! We can do it, though, I know that. We're currently trying to watch all the programs we have saved on the DVR in preparation to cancel Satellite- sad! I realize that's not that important, but I've grown to love pausing and recording TV....

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Jacob said...

Hey guys,

I got laid off last Friday (7th) and it sucks... but in regards to your Satellite cancellation... we're doing the same thing, but you don't have to be without your shows. Have Brian plug your PC into the back of your TV (cable cost me $6), plug the audio from the PC to the TV (single cable cost me $4) and watch TV online. A lot of shows are on the major network sites, or If you can't find them there check out as it rocks.

That way you can still enjoy the shows/movies you like on your TV and not huddled around a monitor... and you can still pause them (works best with a wireless mouse/keyboard... or Media Center remote if you already have that).

Good luck with the job hunt! I'll keep you in our prayers.