Sunday, November 23, 2008


So we took Lucas to the doc, because he was so fussy. He weighs 13, 11 now - right on track. Of course, no infection yet, but the potential for one.... We got the ethical doctor, so he wouldn't give us any antibiotics pre-emptively. Darn. But then, of course, after spending the money to go - he slept for longer than he has, maybe ever. He slept 8 and a half hours, ate, went right to sleep and then is still asleep now after 4 hours. Brian and I have made a deal that I can spend the second half of the night in the nursery- because his sleep is usually restless. So I am actually feeling somewhat rested!
I get the idiot of the year award. I was playing with Lucas' pacifier while he was sleeping- suctioning it to my face. When Ethan woke up he said, "Mommy, owie!" My lower lip is covered in hickeys. I couldn't figure out why the nurses were staring at me last night. Then I remembered and tried to explain and then they just thought I was an idiot. I could tell. They were right. I am really praying that concealer will work a miracle here!
Pictures today- I promise. The camera was dead last night.

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