Friday, November 14, 2008

Picture Day!

Today was picture day at daycare. We won't see the finished product for awhile, but here's a preview....

Tonight was Brian's first night back. It was a disaster here at home, but I just keep thinking, there's no way but up! Lucas went on a nursing strike- I think it was the fiber bar I ate for lunch. Ethan was throwing a tantrum when I picked him up and didn't stop until after dinner. There was constant crying tonight and it wasn't just me! Actually, though, it really wasn't that bad, considering. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

School is really starting to turn around. We've hit a stride and I'm excited. I had a great meeting with my principal today and am feeling good about what we're doing. It's an uphill battle, but at least we're moving.
This weekend should be a little crazy. Brian works a lot - getting his training hours in, and that leaves me with the monkeys. I realize many, many women do this every day - I'll get the hang of it! Now, I'm off to grade papers! Blech...

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