Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yeah, sure!

Ethan has apparently become Canadian. He used to say Yep, then Yes, then Yeah, and now it's, "Yeah, sure!" Such a goof. Tomorrow he goes sans diaper to daycare. Wish us all luck! The only thing I'm worried about is the car seat... and his shoes... But, we decided it's time to take the plunge- here's hoping!
Lucas seems to be gigantic all of a sudden. It feels like he's growing up faster than possible. We think he might be working on a tooth- Ethan was this early, so it's all together possible.
My class earned the spirit stick this week - for their improvement in behavior. Of course, then they were absolute pills yesterday - but today was great. I have two boys who are always awful on Wednesdays. They say that it's just the way it is - they hate Wednesdays. We'll see about that. I'll figure out some way to manipulate the situation. I do love the problem-solving of teaching.
It's nice to have Brian home tonight. I think I'm learning through all of this to be appreciative of what I've got - especially him. It would be so hard to do it on my own. I know many people out there do- I admire their strength! I'm lucky to be married to someone so giving and helpful. He's a good guy.

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