Friday, November 7, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Lay Off....

What a week we've had! On Wednesday, Brian was laid off from his job. The company laid off 210 workers, not leaving them with many. Today we found out they are filing for bankruptcy. At first, we panicked, but then things worked out allright. He'll go back to being a pizza guy for awhile and continue looking for jobs in his career. Sad news, but God's taking care of us. We're lucky when I think about all the other people I know who have been laid off recently. He has a job to fall back on and we have happy, healthy babies. We can't complain.

On lighter news- we've decided to give potty training a real try. We're going to work hard this weekend and hopefully make some progress. No accidents tonight, but I'm sure they're coming. We stocked up on upholstery/carpet cleaner. This is worse than when Kenya was a puppy....

Lucas is 10 weeks! I cannot believe how fast it is going. He hasn't done too much exciting lately- but he sure is cute. I was at parent-teacher conferences the last two nights, so all he wants to do when he sees me is nurse, nurse, nurse. He's full of happy grins in the morning- I love it!
This weekend should be great- just resting and recuperating and being thankful for what all we have. We can do without going out to eat, right?!

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