Friday, November 21, 2008


So Ethan is a potty master! He's only had two accidents so far- both at daycare. We're very proud of him for that. Not so proud that he was in time out several times today for biting. It's so embarrassing to pick him up and hear that he was naughty! Then I'm the one walking out with my head down, tail between my legs. Gives me a new appreciation for my kids' parents!
We're all exhausted here. Lucas has an awful cold and is quite the screamer. If he stops eating, I'll take him to the doctor, but as for now, he seems okay. Just miserable. We all are!
I'm sore from playing in the staff vs. student basketball game yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I have one boy from my class now on the team and one boy that I had last year, plus a lot of the boys I have in different groups. I want to go to their games tomorrow, but not with potty training and sicko- even I'm not that crazy!
Hopefully tomorrow, I'll put up some pictures of our big boys!

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