Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The little guy is sick. Really sick. He's had a fever around 102 all day long (goes down about a degree on ibu). We think it's Roseola, as a kiddo in his class had it. Fortunately, Ethan and I shouldn't get it. Unfortunately, it has to run it's course. Fortunately, Uma is on her way already and will be able to help so I don't have to take so much sick time. Unfortunately that means she won't get quite as much house stuff done. Fortunately my dad gets here on Friday and Brian's parents are coming next weekend.
I knew something was up this morning when Lucas crawled into bed with me and just laid there for 15 minutes. Then, while I showered, he laid down on the bathroom floor the entire time. Lucas doesn't sit still that long. Ever.
So we had some nice snuggles this morning. Until I gave him some Ibu. Then he was a mad man - all leading up to the pile of peeled, smashed bananas you see above. Gross. I got absolutely nothing done today - I guess I should have expected that. I'll be home in the morning too, until my mom gets here to take over. I can't wait! We're so lucky she's coming.
In other news, I think we're seeing Ethan's confused emotional side again. He got into quite a bit of trouble for being aggressive today. That's the nice way of saying it. We've talked lots. However, what was most effective was that we stopped for a McD's ice cream cone for Lucas and Ethan didn't get one. So now, of course, all I hear is, "I am so so so SO sorry mom! Now can I have an ice cream cone?" (The answer is no, don't worry.)
All in all, I'm really glad it's a Zumba night. I need to shake all this off!

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