Sunday, May 16, 2010

Side Effects

"When you have a baby, you have to go to the doctor, right mom?"
"When you have a baby in your tummy, right?"
"I was in your tummy, right? And Lucas?"
"It was fun in there."
"You remember it? What was it like?"
"It was cool. I throwed up a lot."
"Why were you throwing up?"
"I was getting too big for your tummy."
"Yes, you were."
"I have a baby in my tummy?"
"Nope. Only girls get babies in their tummies."
"Oh, not daddy? Huh."

This weekend was a weird one. It was our last "alone" weekend before the madness of moving. Other than Zumba (where i got the most fabulous hip scarf the boys are modelling), we had no plans at all. Good thing because I was feeling awful Friday night and Saturday. Went in to be told it was just allergies, for both Ethan and myself, and prescribed a nasal antihistamine for me and Dimetapp for Ethan. Not a good combination. My medicine makes me so groggy that I am not so patient and kind, and Ethan's makes him hyperactive. It was ugly.
He sang a lot of songs. At the top of his lungs. And right before each one he'd say, "Thank you for coming to my program.. bow and up!" "Ok, here's the song I love. I love kitties. I love everything. I love basketballs....." It went on for hours. Meanwhile Lucas was emptying the silverware into the toaster oven (unplugged, yes...).

Somehow we managed a lot of dancing though. Ethan takes the videos I bought very seriously. We have to do it just right, just like they do on the screen. He told me I was the princess and he was the prince. Lucas just giggled as he shook around.
We also managed to work on letters. Ethan loves the alphabet train he got from the Simmonds family for his birthday. He put it together and then we played a game where I asked, "What letter says /m/," and the like. It was really effective and showed me that he knows a lot more than he can write.
And I found a way to get him to practice writing the letters. He really likes to write on my hands and feet. Yes, weird, but hey, it got him to write an "L" which I hadn't seen him do yet. Note to self - need to go scrub off all the writing.
And then tonight, we played in my room for a long time, listening to music and spinning around. I gave in to the floaty feelings of the medicine and was silly with my boys. I'm choosing to let that fuzzy feeling keep me from seeing the mess all around the house. It's officially rented now, so no more getting it ready to show, Hallelujah! And so, the mountain of dishes and laundry will wait until tomorrow... (or maybe Thursday when my mom gets here ....)

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