Monday, May 31, 2010


What a fast weekend! I am so grateful to Grammy and Grandpa and Daddy for coming for the long weekend and helping out. Sunday morning I sent them all to the zoo so I could get organized and focused. It worked. They had a blast! I don't know why Ethan's covering his face. "It makes a TV mommy." All the animals were out to play and say good-bye to the boys. They showed off all their favorites to Grammy and Grandpa.
And while they were gone... I packed. And packed and packed and packed. And I got a ton done.
I kind of feel like I climbed a mountain. They came back and we just kept working. Today was running around finishing details and going out to lunch. I also had to put together a bio for my new school's information night tonight - kind of fun!
There's really not much more I can do - exciting place to be in! Especially since we're getting close now. Good thing because Ethan was a mess tonight. So now? Report card comments. 28 of them, to be exact!


Nick and Angie said...

You look great Katie!

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

You are amazing! How you managed to take care of yourself, stay fit, and move (or prepare to) all while being a single mommy is beyond me! You go girl!

Amber said...

You look amazing Katie! And somewhere along the way, I must have missed the news that you found a new school! So congrats to that as well!