Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dragon Days of Summer (Winter)

One of my students got Ethan the perfect outfit for his party! He was feeling pretty stellar this morning!
It was freezing cold (like 40 degrees), but the kids didn't care. Lots of Ethan's friends met us out at Settler's Park and had a blast! The kids decorated their wings...
Ella really liked the glitter paint - and looked so cute in her wings!
Somehow Beth got the glitter in her hair......
All the kiddos really loved the playground and spent the most time just chasing each other around over there. It was hard to catch them in motion.
Liam was all smiles running all around.
Ethan loved being sung to....
And didn't even mind that we couldn't light the candles - the wind was too fierce...
We ate tons of cake, pizza, and chips to try and keep warm.
Lucas really liked the chips - and was the only one cooperative enough to wear his dragon wings the whole time! Who would've thunk it?
What a fun day with people we love! I may never eat again (except the cake is just sitting there calling my name) but it was a success. I have even stopped shivering!

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