Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Different Sort of Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
"Mom, I love you. Mom, is that nice words, I love you?"
"Yes, those are really nice words."
"Good. So can I go swimming today?"
"Let's see if you can keep being nice."
"Fine. Hey when is Dad's day, for the boys?"
"Mother's Day is in May, Father's Day is in June."
"So the boys are in June, that's my day?"
"Well, no, because you are a kid."
"So when's children's Mother's Day?
We started off our weekend with some good friends and some fun animals at the zoo. We took the boat to Africa.
And looked at the monkey exhibit on the water-- which was empty and ready to lock some children in....
We had such a great time - the preschoolers loooooved the carousel.
Lucas loved shoving the stroller around while we waited. (No, i didnt' deprive him of the carousel - he just really doesn't like them... i'm not a mean parent!)
Actually, they all fought over the stroller seats the whole time - musical chairs pretty much.
The elephants got them....
They went for a ride in the jeep...

And you'd think with those ears that he'd listen better! We came back, napped, and then our friends came over and cooked us a delicious dinner and we all battled bowling on the Wii. Fantastic!
This morning was a little rough. Mother's Day started at 5:30 when the boys padded into my room, chirping away at me. It was ugly. I was sooo tired and so were they. They made me awesome cards at daycare and we shared a nice breakfast. I finally got them out the door and we took care of a few errands. I kept trying to explain to Ethan that it was Mother's Day and he was supposed to be nice to me. He wasn't convinced.
After long, and much needed naps, we headed to the Rec Center for some swimming with our friends again. Ethan was nervous at first, but warmed right up to the water. Lucas was pretty terrified, but by the end of it was loving splashing everybody.
And then, we headed to the house of one of the ladies who run the daycare for a BBQ. Delicious food and such nice people. Lucas did crash through the screen door and spend countless minutes opening and closing the sliding glass door, but all in all they were well behaved. Cute even!
It was a really great way to spend my 4th Mother's Day. I love being a mom. I love who I have become from having my boys. I may not have been spoiled today and may have spent quite a few minutes putting boys into timeouts, but I also was showered with kisses and hugs, and squeals and smiles. I love my boys!

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Happy Mother's Day Katie!