Sunday, August 8, 2010

Part One.... Submarines and Tide Pools...

It's been a busy week! We started out Wednesday at the Underwater Museum Wild and Wacky Wednesday. We met our friends and did a great art project, toured the museum, pushed lots of buttons, looked through periscopes, met some firemen, and played in water.
Oh, we also got our faces painted and had a picnic lunch. They really did enjoy themselves- though they look somewhat miserable here....
Then we headed out to a beach house in Allyn to meet Uma, Upa, and Nana. The best part? Exploring the beach!
Upa looked real stylish (good thing there aren't any pictures of me in the red boots). We found lots of snails, sand dollars, crabs, and a whole lot of seaweed. The boys were fascinated.
And muddy. The best part of the two nights was hanging out with Nana. Ethan showed off all of his sounding out words skills and talked her ears off! Lucas had some very happy moments and some very not-so-happy moments.
All in all - a great time. What a nice place! We adults enjoyed the hot tub as well, post bedtime.
We also managed to find some really great ice cream. And witnessed a phenomenon - Ethan turned himself into an absolute mess while Lucas so carefully licked without getting messy at all! At one point I tried to give Ethan a napkin, but he just leaned over and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Gross.
Oh, and Lucas ate nothing but fruit the whole time. I'm sure you can deduct the issues that came from that. Oh boy - you exhaust me!

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