Monday, August 16, 2010


We spent Saturday working hard in our little basement apt, trying to make it even more so our home... And then Saturday night - Brian and I put on our dancing shoes and danced the Slow Dance/Blues - so much fun! Our feet were aching by the end of the 2 and a half hours, but we really did have fun. Brian even remembered the dance we learned last time - impressive!
Sunday was oh so awesome because our friends Jess and Liam were here visiting! Ethan was sure he'd have grown enough to be big like him. I tried to explain the whole growth process, but gave up and said, "Maybe. We'll have to wait and see." He hadn't grown quite that much - but pretty close. Ethan was super excited to see Jess too. In the car on the way to church he was recounting the night he spent at Jess and Todd's (when Lucas was born).
We tried desperately to get a good picture of the three of them.
Not so easy these days.
But I'd say we managed pretty well. The boys enjoyed playing in the gym after church and running into each other - at least Lucas and Liam did. They did one belly bump that sent them both flying into the ground.
So great to see them!!! Other events of the weekend? The boys washed the Subaru to get it ready to sell. Exciting! Lucas couldn't handle not having the water on the whole time, and not getting to spray the car the whole time, so he and I had to go inside.
Today the boys started daycare - not a tear from either one! They were ready, I suppose. Both had great days and told me all about it. It definitely made me miss our old daycare- and my friends there - but I'm happy the boys seem to like it. Ethan's hilight was the "new peas" at lunch. He couldn't even remember what else they had. I'm going to have to investigate these peas!
I also got my test scores back for certification - passed with flying colors! So, on to the next one.
Please excuse the boring commentary and bad grammar. I'm wiped out. I spent the entire day moving around furniture and books in my new classroom. And now I go dance for two hours. Aye-yi-yi.

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