Friday, August 13, 2010


It's the last week before the boys start daycare and I start working lots and lots and lots.... That meant we better do some really cool stuff, right? So, Monday - my dad watched Lucas while Ethan and I went to a local youth garden run by the Master Gardener program. He got to water plants, harvest plants,
but the coolest thing, of course, was the small wheelbarrow and mountain of bark. Oh he loved that. Then there was an hour of sitting on tiny wooden benches listening to some really cool Native American stories. I think they were a little over Ethan's head, but he was cooperative nonetheless. And he really liked the song we sang about cedar trees. It's a very loud, fast song. With lots of "hey-ah-ha" action.
After a somewhat hectic morning (trying to keep very excited boys busy), we hopped on the ferry to go visit with a friend I taught with in ID who also moved to WA, and her two boys at the aquarium. The ferry was, as always, a big hit. Lucas screamed "HI!" to all the airplanes flying above. He and Ethan both pointed out every boat we passed. It was a gorgeous day, so we spent most of the ride outside.
The aquarium was great- the company was awesome. We got to watch them feed the octopus - as his long arms went up the feeding stick.... We saw his head in all it's glory and boy was that thing disgusting. The boys all enjoyed it- well until it got really close to Lucas - then he got a little nervous. Ethan followed his new friend/hero everywhere. He never gets to play with older kids- so it was really awesome for him! And I got to catch up with my friend and that was also great!
After the aquarium (and a pre-dinner snack of ice cream), we met Brian and headed off the market in search of dinner. I got a definite workout pushing both boys in the stroller up the streets of Seattle. My arms may never be the same. Dinner was great except we had to tag team eat because Lucas was in a screaming mood. Not mad, just screaming. He and I had a great time out on the street watching some crazy beat poetry. The ferry ride back was uneventful. Ethan made a friend at the race car video game - they took turns pretending to play. Ethan couldn't reach the pedals, so he made the kid hold down the gas for him the whole time. Keep in mind they were only pretending...
I decided Wednesday was a good day to go and get my keys - scope out the classroom. I left Ethan with my parents "to do lots of work" and packed up Lucas with me. He really enjoyed finding every nook and cranny. He showed me all the trouble a kid could get into. So helpful. I'm getting excited to go back, but a little overwhelmed at all I need/want to do.
Back at home, Ethan was busy helping Upa with all his "work". They painted, weeded, shovelled, etc. He did take lots of breaks, don't you worry! He and Uma worked on sounding out words and even added in some sight words to the lot.
Busy, busy, busy... just how I like it!

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