Monday, August 9, 2010

I forgot part 2

When last we left you, we were at a beautiful beach house - keeping Lucas from destroying everything.... We left Friday morning and the boys and I headed to Theler Wetlands - where they mastered this pose.

They did it every time I pulled the camera out. I kind of really love it. They're touching each other and neither is screaming. It's a new era for us?
We were oh so happy to see Daddy again. And he was so nice he let me go shopping the next day with some friends!
Those are some shoes, eh? I spent lots of time with an adorable little boy named Ben who was the best shopping companion ever.
While my boys spent time exploring a really cool park with their Daddy.
I was excited to come home and show them all my purchases. Sadly the gold shoes did not make the cut. But many other things did... School year - here we come!
Sunday we spent most of the morning rearranging furniture in our "apartment". We were working so hard we missed church. But, we did need food, so we headed out to the Airport Diner- fabulous brunch!
And the boys did this the entire meal. That may be the most peaceful meal we've eaten out in 4 years! Oh we'll be back!

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