Friday, August 13, 2010

And then there was Thursday...

Missy and I, we are brave. Yesterday we packed up all 4 kids - ages 4, 2, 1, and 4 mos - and headed out to the zoo. And you know what? We had a blast! Only 1 timeout, and very few tears...
Ethan was the "big boy" - helping us out (even though said timeout was for him...). He was navigator- holding the "mak" - telling us where to go. Lucas was wary.

Jillian found the signs more fun to hang on than follow...
We saw it all. I tried desperately to get a picture of the three bigger kids together.
But someone always got distracted.
There were many bathroom stops, diaper stops, and snack stops. But, we just went with the flow and all was well.
Jillian was the brave one at the touch pools.
And watching her made Lucas a little bit brave too. Not so much Ethan
We had to do the traditional jaw picture. Too bad the lighting stunk, but it's still cute.
The budgies were awesome. The lady working there brought them right up to the kids.
The bird chose Lucas - and he was so still, letting it snack.
After it flew away, they pleaded with the other ones to come down. This may be my favorite picture ever.
There was a camel ride for the only one big enough. These two were kind of sad- but they'll be big soon enough...
Ethan loved it. Felt so proud of himself. Me too.
At lunch time we got to catch a cool animal show. There was even a dog ridig in a hot air balloon. They were all impressed and did really well.
Ben was, again, the most cooperative little guy in the world. The boys were fascinated with him.
Petting zoo - of course.... Ethan was going nuts because Jillian was hanging on to him all the time- which made me laugh because he had been doing that just two days before at the aquarium. They did some great grooming.
Lucas was very systematic - he had to go and pet each and every goat. This one was his favorite. And he now says "Goat!" His choices of words to learn are very interesting.
They ended the afternoon playing vet to this lizard.
What a fun day! It could have gone so wrong, but the kids were great and we moms had a great time too! The kids were all full of one-liners and made us laugh and laugh. Ethan was a good "reporter" - letting us know every time Jillian or Lucas were doing something they shouldn't. That tattling can be useful on occasion.
And now we are down to our one last day of real summer vacation - before the boys start daycare... what to do? It kind of depends on one 4 year old who is having a hard time waking up this morning...

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VDoty said...

Reading through this makes me miss you all the more. I'm so glad you are home and that the boys are so happy too.

It looks like you've had so great weather for your last week before daycare! Yeah!!!!