Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To the Ballgame!

"I get to watch a baseball game. And not on TV!!!"

They were excited. More than a little. However, they did not enjoy listening to me singing along to Taylor Swift on the way... Even though I was singing Ethan's revised version:
"I wear TSHIRTS. I wear Taco shirts!"
It's HIS song you see, how dare I infringe!
Morgan we missed you!
They loved it and stayed so focused.
Ethn was determined to catch a foul ball. Lucas loved clapping and screaming in a place where no one told him to be quiet.
We had fun - even though it was soooo late by the time we got to bed. And Ethan cried the whole 10 minute walk to the car because I wouldn't stand in the mile-long pizza line for him. He forgave me later. I think.
This week has flown by as I'm was in training Monday and Tuesday in Seattle. Uma and Upa had lots of fun with the boys - taking them here, there and everywhere. Monday they worked lots on numbers and Ethan can now measure things in "ages" with a ruler. Tuesday I came home and Ethan was sounding out words in the /at/ family. Poor kid is living with 3 teachers. One big learning lab! But he does really enjoy it. He really wants to read the Nora Roberts book he takes to naps with him every day. I'm going to have to hide that before he can actually read it I think. That's an education I don't really want him to have yet!
At some point I'll hijack some pictures from my mom's camera of their adventures. It really is fun rediscovering all the cool places around here!

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Katie said...

Missing our boys too! Hope you have fun the next couple of days!! It's a scorcher here!!