Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Already?

News of the week (which is apparently almost over...)... Ethan has announced that he has a girlfriend - Sara. And, he's going to have a sleepover at her house. He is worried that she'll only have girl beds, and he can't go to sleep in a girl bed, so maybe he can sleep with her parents - they might have a boy bed up there.
I don't know Sara, but I think they're moving a little fast, don't you?
Brian and I started Swing Dance lessons and had a blast. He was like a celebrity because no one knew if he really existed, or if I'd made hm up, since I'd been going alone. We're actually pretty good - well, at the few steps we've learned so far... I also started Zumba this week and love my class. It's five minutes away and the instructor was great. I'm excited. I need exercise!
Lucas is crazy - but so much fun. He was all giggles tonight and even finally said "Uuuuh!" which is Lucas speak for Up! He has refused and refused again - for months- to say up. Down means both up and down and he just screams if you won't agree. So this is a major de-stubbornization.

And Duke has stayed in the yard ALL week! Could it be that things might finally settle down a bit? Nah, never gonna happen... This is my life we're talking about!

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