Wednesday, September 15, 2010

67 100 pictures

67 100 is Ethan's favorite number: "I guess there are sixty-seven one hundred m&ms." They've been working on estimating. He hasn't won the contest yet. We worked on it this weekend with blocks. No matter how many blocks I drop (7, 13, 24) he guesses 100. Or 67 100 if you're lucky.
Lucas has discovered "writing". He is not happy unless he has a "cayon" (writing utensil) in his hand and some paper. He still scribbles, but it's these intricate and teeny circular designs all over the paper. He also has been working on staying in the lines when he colors and is getting pretty good. I'd say we've finally found an interest (besides Barney) for the little guy.
The rest of our weekend was fabulous.

Saturday evening we met our friends at the Poulsbo American Music Festival. There was live music, balloons, food, and fun to be had with our friends.
The kids loved playing soccer.
Until Lucas got the ball. He's not such a good sharer. I almost got the perfect picture of Ethan and Nadia under the "3 Sisters" teepee, but right before I took it, Ethan's balloon popped. No smiles after that one.
This may be one of my favorite pictures ever, with the city in the background. They loved running across the benches. Until I remembered we had no health insurance until October and made them get down.
The music was a strange blend of all types of music, but it was pretty cool. Loud, but cool.
Afterward, Uma and Upa suprised us and picked up the boys to take them home, so we could go out. We wanted to find someplace hoppin - so we could just people watch and laugh. Poulsbo was dead, so we headed out to the Island. We found a coffee shop that was having live music in a bit, so we cozied up with drinks and 2nd dinners and waited. "Live" music can apparently be defined by a bunch of 20 something girls huddled around a laptop hooked into the speaker system. Not so impressive. But fun to laugh at later?
Sunday was church, lounging around the house and chores. With a little bit of bike riding mixed in.
My little boys are too big. That's all I will say about those pictures.
Monday was swim lessons and this made me laugh really hard. Ethan's teacher is trying to get him to jump out and not have her catch him. He doesn't approve and is here telling her exactly where to stand.
She didn't listen and he did just fine. He even touched the bottom and was so proud of hmself. Unfortunately we couldn't go tonight. My favorite 4 year old woke up with a fever and aches all over. He was/is miserable and Brian stayed home. So sad to see him that way (Ethan, not Brian).
Not sure what to expect of the rest of this week - kind of depends on one big boy and how he's feeling. As for me? I'm going to be asleep before 9. Maybe even 8.

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