Monday, September 6, 2010

Who are these boys?

The video game conventioin (PAX) was a hit. Ethan was soooo excited to go. He'd been talking about it for a long time and could barely contain himself.
I'm going to have him narrate the pictures for you:
"This is like at Costco - oh convention."
Nevermind. He's not interested. But he really liked these guys.
He played a new Superhero game that he loved and they video taped him playing it. I sure hope his tongue was sticking out! Oooh, he's back to narrate.
"That's the superman game that's online. You throw the robots out of the yard. So."
"That's the motorcycle - the light up motorcycle."

"Mickey Mouse Game! EEEKK! It's scary."
And then he ran off - terrified of the mouse ears. He had fun - except for the Mickey ears. He did not like the Mickey Mouse game. Funny.
Lucas had fun playing around the house with me and Uma and Upa.
But the boy can't possibly be mine. Last night I made Grammy's delicious mac and cheese- so good we ate the entire bowl of it. But all Lucas wanted was his apple.
Heresy. He ate the entire thing, core and all, while his mac and cheese sat on the plate getting cold. And then he found the other apple and ate it too. I just don't understand - not that Brian and Ethan left him any mac and cheese.
Lucas also is sprouting a new molar. I'm excited because I totally thought I was nuts. I thought he was teething for the last month or so, but had nothing to show for it. Tah-Dah! Poor guy.
Today is more lounging, working on school stuff, studying for my big certification test next week, and more lounging. This is what 3 day weekends are made for.

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Brent and Katie said...

Gosh I can't believe how big they have gotten! It's amazing! Thanks for linking me to the nap time site. I guess I need to think outside the box... Hard to do when the box seems so BIG! I really appreciate it though :)