Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football, Chores, Crazy Days...

Sunday night was football and I'd say Lucas was indoctrinated.... He watched a lot and cheered along.
"BONCOS!!!" It was loud, but it was cute. He's been saying it all week. Ethan, of course, watched it all. He loves football with Daddy.
He also started swim lessons back up again this week - loved it. Only he and his buddy Nadia are in the class, so they get lots of attention. Which we know he loves.
Somehow this 4 day week was far busier and more insane than any other. Add to it all our dog running away for a night on Thursday and I was ready for the weekend. Except my weekend started with a big certification test - hopefully my last. Then it was off to get new licenses and license plates. And to register for dance classes. And for a zumba class. And return movies to the library.
Since when did weekends get so crazy?

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