Monday, September 27, 2010

Ridin' in the Car with Ethan

"Ethan, how was your nap today?"
"I did not take a nap. Katie kept me awake."
"Oh no, you should have taken a nap."
"No, we did tricks and then it was time to read books but I did not read books. I did tricks. We all did tricks."
"Like what tricks?"
"Like jumping on our cots."
"Did you get in trouble?"
"No. The teacher did not see us. Isn't that funny mom?"
"Darien called me a butthead today. He said it twice."
"I'm so sorry. That's not a nice word."
"Butt. Head."
"Did you tell him you didn't like that word?"
"Well, actually I like that word a little bit. Just a little bit."
"Well Mommy doesn't like it."
"Well I do, just a little. Like, I like the head part. Just not the butt."
"Maybe you could say smarthead?"
"Carhead. Truckhead. Storehead. No, I like butthead. Just a little."

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