Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Escape Artist

I love Duke. But that dog is driving me mad. Friday afternoon I had to take the boys with me to the Humane Society to pick him up. He'd gotten out AGAIN and the neighbors turned him in when I didn't answer my phone. Saturday he got out again. And this time he went after another dog down the street. GRRRR. So, this morning, while we should have been at church, Brian and my Daddy dug out this big hill that we thought he must be jumping over. We just couldn't figure out how he would get back in. So, Brian and I went down the street "tra-la-la"ing, trying to lure him out. It worked! He was traveling through a storm drain into the neighbor's yard. That punk! (I did call him much worse names at the time, just so you know...) I think we've got it solved now though. Finally. I hope so. I can't take it!
The rest of our weekend was fun - a lunch at Silver City where the boys were SO good.
Even Lucas was calm and quiet. And I finally met a mac and cheese that could beat me. Delicious but almost too overwhelming. Ridiculous, I know! I made the mistake of saying that the mac and cheese "kicked my butt" and now have had it repeated to me over and over and over again. Oops.
Brian and I spent the evening at a Swing Dance clinic/dance with a live Swing Band. Sorry Brian's not really in the picture, but it's a good one of me, so I went with it. You'll have to imagine the top half of his face.
We had a blast. The music, "Rude and Unprofessional" was great and reminded me of all my jazz band days. Hello nostalgia! Brian's a great swing dancer- good thing since we start lessons tomorrow night!
I also join a Zumba class this week- really excited for that. I have a really hard time exercising on my own - I just love the social aspect of a class. Between all of that and swim lessons - it's going to be a busy but exciting week.
Lucas added a bit of excitement to the weekend when he fell face first on the pavement outside. The sound of his head hitting the pavement made me sick to my stomach, but it looks alright, though ugly. I'm pretty sure it'll be black and blue by tomorrow. Which is fabulous. Poor guy looks awful, but was right back after dinner running around the driveway with a purse and a rubber glove. Odd. I don't know. I do know that he is picking up words and phrases left and right. You can actually carry on a conversation. Especially if it has to do with cookies, busses, or "moooos". He has a lot to say about such things.
I'm off to grade papers. Or at least pretend to while I catch up on some TV. I can tell you one thing. I am NOT reading book 2 of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. I read Book 1 and couldn't put it down. Until after midnight last night. Better not do that two nights in a row. I obviously need some sleep. And some chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

I did miss you at church yesterday so now I know why you guys were missing. I taught Lucas' Sunday School class yesterday and I was looking forward to interacting with him. Next month!
Have a great week!