Sunday, September 26, 2010

Like Disneyland for the Little Guys... And me too.

It started with Ethan spelling September for me on the way home from daycare- it's this whole little chant thing and it melts my heart. Then it was off to the "big" library to kill some time before movie night. Ethan and Lucas were both sooo into reading lots and lots of books. Not front to back, mind you, but still. Then we were off to movie night where they feasted on pizza and popcorn and watched the first 20 minutes of the movie. At which point Ethan had himself all twisted on the floor trying desperately to stay awake. I took them home because we had a big Saturday ahead of us.
My Saturday started with Zumba out in the parking lot - as the instructor's sound system wasn't working, so she pulled up her car and cranked it. Kind of fun!
Then we met up with our friends and were off to the trains.
There's a place a couple cities over that runs model trains 2 Saturdays a month. The trains are 1/8th the size of real trains - to scale.
You straddle the seat and ride on a 10 minute loop through the woods.
We went 5 times. There were fights over whose turn it was to be in the front, but all in all it was so much fun. When Lucas got to be in front, he went absolutely nuts. He was "CHOO-CHOO!!!!"ing all the way around. We were loud. We were proud. Are those song lyrics?
When the last ride turned out to be just Ethan and I because eveyone else was throwing a tantrum, we headed out. And since we were that direction, we decided to show Brian the wetlands. Ethan used his binoculars to guide us. Lucas entertained (not really) the birdwatchers by squealing at the bugs.

We had a nice little hike and headed to the airport diner for snacks and drinks. We saw a whole bunch of planes landing and taking off, and even 3 helicopters. The perfect restaurant to take little boys!
What a day! We finished up with a little football for the boys and a coffee date for me with a couple of friends. A fabulous Saturday.
And then a fantastic Sunday to back it up. Church in the morning, long naps, and then a special guest for dinner- - Nana! The boys love their Nana.
But of course- we all do!
We played and played and ate and ate. The boys took baths and then put on the movie I rented for Ethan (It was the movie from movie night that he only saw the beginning of - Diary of a Wimpy Kid) which he told everyone was entitled "Diarrhea Limpy Kid." Not the best movie - even he lost interest, but held true to the books, so schoolkids everywhere love it I'm sure.
Now it's back to the real world. Crazy days, crazier evenings....

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Katie said...

What great picts!! So great to see Nana! :)