Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adventures in school world....

The week flew by - felt so fast and so slow at the same time! My class is amazing! We have done so many neat activities and I am so impressed by what they can do! It's a different world - but definitely a fun one to be in! Such neat kids - and neat families!
The boys have been doing better at daycare. Lucas has finally (though it might come back after the long weekend) stopped crying every morning. He even tells me (in words I can sometimes understand) what he did that day.
Ethan is doing great, though he's not sure if it's okay to love his new daycare when he still misses his old. He's picked up the phrase "What the heck?" and uses it ALL the time. We've found a way to conquer his whining/fussing moments is to bribe him with computer time. He LOVES playing games on the computer! And he's gotten really good at maneuvering - even the laptop.
Brian's gaining some new responsibilities at work - a great kudos to him - and working like crazy. He and Ethan are in Seattle right now, at a video game convention. I think they're both on cloud nine.
Not an easy week - certainly exhausting - but lots of great times and we're all starting to adjust to the schedule around here. This weekend is dedicated to resting, catching up, and planning ahead for the crazy weeks to come!

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