Sunday, September 27, 2009


Not much going on around here...Lucas did get ANOTHER molar and so we've been stressed... ugh... And I am all stuffed up and yucks... But, I feel better today and so we move on. Ethan has been clingy clingy clingy today, but I don't mind that too much. He spent the day calling me "Mommy Dinosaur" and himself "Baby Dinosaur". Brian and Ethan were sharks. And just so you know, dinosaurs are allowed to be loud, but sharks are very quiet. Apparently no one told Lucas that, but what can you do - he really just thinks he's a velociraptor. Our house is a
I got to go (with the boys) to a very nice baby shower yesterday - for a friend from college. Ethan was glued to a movie the whole time, but Lucas tried to steal the show. He would NOT sit still and wandered all over, shrieking and smiling at everyone. Good thing he's adorable (not that you'd know that since I have failed to take any pictures this weekend). His hair is even growing in- not that you can see it as it's so light and fine. Some day he won't be so bald.

Oh, and the quote of the weekend....
"Lucas just shut the door. He's a bad baby. You need to put him back in my tummy."
I think he was influenced by all those pregnant bellies at the shower. Funny!
I tried to explain that he was a boy, so he wouldn't have a baby in his tummy, but then he insisted that when he gets bigger he'll be a girl too. Aye-yai-yai.


Sarah said...

Ethan says the BEST things.

The Johnson Fam said...

Too funny! :) They are too cute! :)