Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Mommy, I love brown rice. It's my favorite!"

Whose kid is that? Actually, it was good - I grated carrots and zucchini and romano cheese into it and the boys (including Brian) gobbled it up. It's funny to watch their taste buds change. The first time I cooked brown rice we were all gagging, but now it's the norm and we even like it. Poor Lucas has never known the difference. He'll never know the wonder that is sticky rice (ok, he probably will, but he won't know that mommy secretly adores it.)
Nothing really exciting going on here. Lucas continues to grab his ear and was a mess at bedtime, but we have to give the amoxicillin time... or so the nurse says. Ethan has become very needy of his daddy- getting very clingy - think it's time for them to go do something special together. He had his second day of soccer today, but the only part of it he'd tell me about were the chocolate crackers. Those amazed him!
Oh, another great moment from dinner. Lucas finished, dropping most of his rice on the floor. He got down, went and grabbed his toy vacuum and came over to the table and spent the next 10 or so minutes "vacuuming" up the mess. Funny! How will he ever survive in this house?

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McConnels said...

that even sounds like something I might like!