Sunday, September 13, 2009

Projects Galore...

"I can spell my name, Momma!"
"Okay, spell it."
"Hock? Is that how you spell Ethan?"
"It's my name Mom." (very reassuringly.)
I was in full project mode today- don't know why, just restless and tired of movies I suppose... So, I got out the "big" paper and we did tracings of Ethan (easy), Lucas (a little more difficult), and me (very interesting, but Ethan did it!). Even Lucas was coloring- a new skill!

The tracings turned out really fun- notice how "large" I am. And somewhat shapeless, but it was fun! Ethan did get a face on me, that helped.

Lucas was totally excited. He did end up ripping off his own arm, but a quick surgery of scotch tape and he was fine.

The McConnels came over for dinner and then we fingerpainted! Lucas and Liam both wanted to eat the fingerpaint, but we came out with some great paintings. I wish I had taken more pictures. Ethan was an expert with the brush!

Today Lucas and I are staying home from church. His tooth is giving him all sorts of problems, darn canine, so we're just going to hang close and rest. I have tons to do, so it'll work out well for me. And Ethan could use some alone with Daddy time.

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