Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy, Busy Week...

I can't believe it's been so long! This week flew by in a mad rush! We started the week with me taking the boys to a morning at the zoo. They were so good! Ethan even practiced his paleontology skills (see above picture), as did Lucas (see below picture). Ethan is into everything dinosaurs. I just wish they made slightly less graphic dinosaur books. He may believe that they are just playing, but I know better! Gross....

They "drove" the jeep in Africa- great fun.
Lucas made a new best friend. He could not keep his eyes off of the big fella.... Actually, neither could I. He was "roar"ing and pacing - definitely made me nervous! I think Lucas was just getting pointers on how to be as loud as possible.

And then it was back to school, back to daycare. It was a good week - including a really cool field trip for me to the Salmon and Steelhead days. Took me back a bit to my tree-hugging days in elementary school. I'm very proud of my Gyotaku (fish print). Paining the fishie's eyeball was a little weird, but other than that, it was really cool!

Lucas continues to walk faster and faster and get more and more bumps and bruises. At some point I think his head might actually fall off. I'm just saying. I tried to get some work done after school, with the boys with me. It was a capital D disaster. I'm sure we completely annoyed the custodian as Lucas kept banging into something and screaming/crying. He also kept pulling scissors out of kids' desks while Ethan covered the board in highlighter. I think next week I'll have a different plan.
This weekend should be/hopes to be calm. I have some papers to catch up on and some new books to read from the book order. The boys can fend for themselves, right?

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Katie said...

You look fantastic!!! Way to go!!!