Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Picnic a la Ethan

So a rotten pic of me, but the point is... I came home yesterday at dinnertime (had a late meeting) and Ethan had set up a picnic for the two of us in the kitchen. He had all the silverware (I do mean all) out and two "flowers" (placemats). We ate our burritos and applesauce and talked about our days. Then Lucas got in the tupperware drawer, pulled out a bowl and a lid and joined us. A.Dor.Able.
Ethan had his first day of soccer yesterday, too. He loved it - was singing "I'm a soccer monster" all night. I took him to our school skate night and he went all the way around without me. When did my baby grow up?? He kept telling me to stop and not follow him. It only lasted a little bit though, and then he was back and wanted to go "really faster!!!" We had a blast. He was so tired afterward he was laying in my lap and as I put him in his carseat, he hugged me and said "I love you Mommy." Mommy needed this!
And tonight.... the boys were really good at dinner. I accidentally gave Lucas ketchup with his chicken nuggets - he wasn't upset about that- just licked it off the plate. And then we rocked out to SteveSongs and the boys tried to play a little tennis in the kitchen (no, it really didn't work, but it's still too darn hot to go play at the park).
Now I'm off to go sweat it out at Zumba - 29 pounds down- waiting to hit that stinkin' 30 # mark!!

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